SpareSync creates failover system.

When your IT infrastructure fails, SpareSync will guarantee uninterrupted business operation.

SpareSync performs two main functions: data synchronization from the primary to the secondary server, and monitoring of the primary server by using the secondary one.


How It Works


Default operating mode. Data from MS SQL and selected file directories is continuously synchronized with the backup server.

If the primary server is unavailable (loss of connectivity or problems on the server itself), user traffic is automatically routed to the backup server.

Switching from the backup server is initialized by the SpareSync interface at a time when normal operation of the primary server is restored. All data that was received on the backup server is copied to the primary one, and the system returns to the initial state (Step 1).



Business continuity software
In the normal operation mode, SpareSync creates hot standby system. It continuously monitors changes in the MS SQL database and the selected files and transfers them to the backup server.
Sparesync – is a software for business data recovery
In event of a failure, it will immediately switch all your users to your hot standby web service in another data center, cloud or server.
Rapid recovery data using SpareSync
It works 24/7 and does not require significant costs for deployment and maintenance.
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